we know compute

we are committed to offer the state of the art compute in any kind: cloud, servers on your DC or workstation. Whether
Storage or compute, CPU, GPU or FPGA or software challenges we are there. We want to see it work for you.

We build Deep learning CryoEM Chemistry

AI & HPC in the cloud

We give you the ability to start-up or to enjoy the a compute “peak” with lower cost, without compromise on innovation 

while keep you out of any restriction or dependency.

High Density CPU Servers

Thanks to our long experience with clusters, our team deploy the most sophisticated deployments giving you the quiet to do what really interest you 


Our integration lab build a custom made workstation with a strict QC procedure, supported to give performance with 3Y support 

AI Servers (HGX Server picture)

High Performance state of the art A100 with NVLINK servers, preinstalled and supported with our professional Devops

Monitor your servers of just leave it to us

Whether you hold your servers on you site and give us the ability to monitor them or you just us host them, we can help you reduce significant cost by solving problems like cooling, hosting & monitoring to your compute servers.

We fully deploy onsite

We fully deploy and install your systems onsite, Helping you design your deployment and executing it

Improve your existing deployment

When you search for answers, we there to assist. We analyze your deployment and help you improve it. We do it best

Our clients

Driving technology for leading brands
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