We Know High Performace Computing

Turnkey HPC
& Ai clusters

Storage for
HPC & Ai

Powerful custom
made workstations

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About us.

Tzag-Elita Computer Systems Ltd was founded in 1997 (continuing previous activities since 1985) as an integration service provider, and as one of the largest, most experienced computer and computer accessory importers in Israel. The company offers a broad range of IT products and solutions.

We operate in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 in order to ensure that we are able to supply products which meet our clients’ requirements across performance levels. By complying with the Standard, Tzag-Elita can ensure our clients’ satisfaction while constantly striving for improvement, abiding by quality management principles and mutually-beneficial relations with our suppliers.

Deep Learning

Clusters, servers & workstations,
built for performance demanding work flows


HPC & Ai servers with GPUs,
AMD & Intel, OC solutions


High performance storage for
demanding environments


We build custom made workstations for
high performance work loads


Molecular dynamics, chemistry,
Cryo-EM and more


We build turn key solutions
with our professional team

About Us

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