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The meetup will take place via zoom.

April 3th | 11:00AM - 12:30PM | Limited spots!

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The meetup will take place via zoom.

April 4th | 11:00AM - 12:30PM | Limited spots!

Learn from the Experts

Maximizing resources in large organizations is a constant challenge. Slurm is a powerful workload managers, empowers organizations to allocate resources in a smart and equitable manner, optimizing performance and streamlining workflows.
What is SLURM
and its benefits
  • Why Slurm is a highly suitable workload manager for HPC & AI clusters Containers?
  • A demo of slurm will be presented: running workload on slurm.
  • Monitoring slurm workload & resources.
GPU as a resource
within SLURM
  • Best practices for GPU usages with Slurm
  • How to configure GPU along with other resources
  • Design considerations for job queues
single GPU:
multiple processes
  • NVIDIA multi-process service (MPS)
  • GPU Trashing
  • MPS with Slurm
  • Q&A

Meetup Registration

The meetup invitation is distributed exclusively to elite clients of Tzag Elita.

If you don’t receive a confirmation within 48 hours, please reach out to us at miki@tzag-elita.co.il to ensure your registration was successful.

Yuval Mazor

AI Expert

Yuval Mazor, a seasoned software expert with more than two decades of experience as a developer, architect, and technology leader. Whether it’s algorithm design, engineering, software implementation, or Machine and Deep Learning, Yuval has done it all. He has worked in various environments ranging from 2-person start-ups to large international companies, gaining invaluable insights and experience along the way. In addition to his technical acumen, Yuval has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and has also pursued graduate studies in Linguistics at Tel Aviv University, demonstrating his exceptional range of skills and interdisciplinary expertise.

GPU Over Slurm:
Yuval MazoR

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