High Performance Storage

Get maximum speed and reliability for demanding workloads
with high-performance storage solutions.

Deep Learning


Content Distribution

Artificial Intelligence​

High IOPs Telemetry

The Power of Scalable Performance:
Blazing-fast and On-demand

Effortlessly accelerate your analytics workloads, reduce latencies for NoSQL databases, and kickstart your Deep Learning project with the cost-effective SFA NVMe platforms.

Maximize your investment with our internal 288 lane PCIe Gen 4 fabric that extracts unparalleled flash performance, enabling new bandwidth and IOPs use cases.

Revolutionizing Data Storage with VAST Data's Universal Storage Technology

VAST Data’s Universal Storage system allows for all-flash storage centers with a cost-effective flash architecture that delivers high performance. 

Its DASE architecture eliminates the need for shared-nothing clusters, and transactional file system uses append-on-write semantics. VAST's indirect-on-write file system with global wear leveling and write amortization results in high device endurance.

Archive Storage

Tzag Elita is your one-stop-shop for expert support in building, deploying, maintaining, and providing 24/7 support.

Efficiently archive your data with our cost-effective storage solutions. Our experts provide full support from deployment to maintenance.

Software Defined Storage​

Transform your storage infrastructure with Software Defined Storage – flexible, cost-effective, and scalable solution for modern data centers.

Custom-Built Storage Solutions for Modern Businesses

designed to provide reliable and high-performing solutions for businesses in need of efficient data storage, transfer, and management. 

Our team of experts will build and tune your server for optimal performance, with ongoing service and support included. Trust Tzag Elita for all your storage needs.

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High Performance Storage

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High-performance storage solutions, data archiving, and software-defined storage for modern businesses.